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Residential Services

Our residential services are independent services based on your cleaning needs. This will make sure you have a clean environment you desire at home.

Carpet cleaning is essential to any carpet throughout your home. Regular carpet cleaning will help prolong the life of your carpet.

Over time furniture and upholstery build-up dust and dirt, making them look old and grungy. Fortunately, there are ways to restore furniture and upholstery to make them look new.

Windows can be difficult and time-consuming to clean, especially if you don't have the proper tools. Allow Fresh N Kleen to save you the headache.

deep cleaning
deep cleaning

Occasionally items or areas in your home may need a deeper clean to keep them looking their best. Items like bathtubs, showers, and backsplashes are just a few that need the occasional deep clean.

Construction and remodeling already inconvenience your home long enough. Don't let it take longer by trying to clean it up yourself. Let us help you.

Fires not only destroy the spaces you love but also leave soot on everything within those spaces. Sometimes, it takes a professional cleaning service to help restore your home.

Water damage can be an inconvenient surprise. It is even more inconvenient when you don't have the necessary tools to clean it up. Let us professionals handle it.

Commercial and Industrial Services

Whether your company is looking for a one-time service or contractual service, Fresh 'N' Kleen is willing to meet your facility's needs. We offer a variety of cleaning services to help your company maintain its exceptional environment.

All of our residential services are offered to commercial and industrial facilities along with the services listed below.

residential carpet cleaning
residential carpet cleaning

Our janitorial service is flexible to meet your company's cleaning needs. Whether you need services once per month or multiple times throughout the day, we can meet your needs.

Over time partitions build-up dust and dirt, making them look old and worn. Fortunately, there are ways to make partitions look new.

Hard floors scuff and scratch. Over time they need to be cleaned up and given that "like new" look.

hard floor cleaning
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