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Established by Victoria and Loren Olson in 1980, Fresh 'N' Kleen has continually maintained the highest level of professional service in the cleaning industry. With a client base throughout Northern and Western Wisconsin, Fresh 'N' Kleen has been directly responsible for the sanitation and maintenance of Guaranteed Kleen organizations.

Since a young age, Colton Dahl has been cleaning and learning from some of the industry's top professionals, including Victoria and Loren Olson. At the age of 12, he was the youngest person to be certified in carpet cleaning. Today, he is the third-generation owner and CEO of Fresh N Kleen.

Fresh N Kleen cleaning company

Loren and Victoria Olson


Fresh N Kleen cleaning company

Baby Colton

Interested in the family business at a young age

Fresh N Kleen cleaning company
Colton Dahl
Third-generation Owner
and CEO
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